Monday, November 21, 2011


Insights from Elder Ashton's "One for the Money"
1. Pay an honest tithe.
  • Blessing come. Automatic budgeting- already take out 10%. More inclined to be responsible with money. Strengthens a marriage. 
2. Teach the children the importance of working and earning.
  • I think this is important. As a child, nothing came free. In order to earn any amount of money, my parents taught us to work; taught us that money doesn't come easy. You feel better when you work for something than just getting it. 
3. Learn how to manage money.
  • I felt like I started learning this as a young teenager at school. When I got to high school, I had to take a personal finance class. It taught me the importance of finance and the importance of a check book. In Elder Ashton's talk, he suggests that the husband and wife rely on each other. Learn money management together. 
4. Home
  • "Buy the type of home your income will support." Keeping improving your home, make it beautiful. 
5. Involve yourself in the food-storage program
  • When money is tight, food storage is a super hero. We've been counseled from the brethren to start a food storage program. We don't know where our life is going to go, but being prepared will lessen the stresses. "Accumulate basic supplies in a systematic and orderly way." 

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