Saturday, December 3, 2011


Why are the trends right now for parenting? Well people are waiting longer to have children. They want their career to be set-up and to be financially ready. Another reason is that people are choosing to have fewer children or choosing to have none. Parents are becoming more permissive. They want to be their child's best friend instead of being their parent. The last one for now is that people are replacing children with pets, cars, or anything else.
The purpose of parenting that was stated in a series of movies that we were able to view, is that parents are to protect and prepare our children to survive and thrive in society.
One thing I have learned throughout this week of study on parenting is, to not let the world be the focus. Teaching comes from within the home. Home is where we are able to teach our children about the gospel of Christ. We are able to rear them up, to be honest, true, law-abiding, caring members of society. In the home is where we need to teach. Don't let the world be the parent for your children. Let the home be the place. 

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