Friday, November 18, 2011

How does your family counsel?

In my family, our family counsel usually takes place on Monday night after FHE. We talk about the little issues, to the big issues. My dad usually leads the counsel and asks for our opinions and thoughts. It's kind of difficult these days, because there is only two siblings at home, so when I get home, there is more discussion. 
I think it's important to have family counsel because, I think, it allows open discussion and communication. Everyone is heard and is allowed their allotted time to give their thoughts. 
We see a certain pattern in the church, with the head of the church, right down to our very own families. The most important counsel is in the family. In the family, is where learning starts. Parents teach the gospel and apply the gospel principles to life. We learn in the family. I think it's important to start and end with prayer. Then bring up the issues that need to be discussed. When everyone has come to a consensus, restate the issue and the proposed solution. 
It's important to involve the family in the decisions of the home. Everyone needs to be a where. I think when one member gets left out, it isn't good. Allowing everyone to know and decide brings the family closer together. I will bring the family counsel into my home. It's important.

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