Friday, October 28, 2011


This week was really insightful in class. We learned a lot about starting a family and the importance of leaning on one another for support in a marriage. Today in class we talked about what happens when children start coming into the family. Something that was really insightful was when we were talking about how to include the husband with the pregnancy. We discussed the importance of how it strengthens the husband and wife. The wife should include the husband when she attends the ultrasounds, and when the baby moves, allow the husband to feel the baby kick. Also, to talk about the baby, the feelings that each of you is experiencing, share the experiences that are new and exciting. After the baby is born, do things together- changing diapers, feedings, etc. One thing that was mentioned, was that we have so many ways of communication. If our child is starting to walk, share it via phone/video to your spouse. Making sure that he can see what is going on. I think it also is important to go on dates, by either creating or looking for opportunities to be alone. It's important to make the husband included and appreciated. It's important that each of you is leaning on one another, strengthening and building one another up. I can't express how important it is, to bond with one another, to share experiences.

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