Saturday, September 17, 2011


Yesterday in class we were discussing Elder Oaks' talk "The Challenge to Become." Our teacher was asking us questions about how we could incorporate the Learning Model in our lives. We went through the steps and discussed each of them. The main point that our teacher wanted us to get, was the becoming.  He had asked us, "What do you want to become?" He gave us a few minutes to write down our thoughts. 
My thoughts consisted of a lot of things. Some dealt with school, and becoming a disciple of learning. Other thoughts dealt with becoming myself: a daughter of God. This activity made me think about my life. Am I making those preparations to one day make those sacred covenants in the temple? A thought that came to my mind is, am I speaking with the tongue of angels? It's not that I am living my life in a wrong way, but I need to make myself even better, by becoming, and keeping that a constant thought in my mind. 

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